Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Deb's Top 10

I thought it might be fun to list my top 10 things about living in England and my top 10 things about living in the US and then just go from there...

Top 10 Things about living in England (in no certain order)

1. Eastenders... to say that I am an absolute Eastenders addict would be an understatement. Just can't help myself.. much to my hubby's

2. Pies and Pasties.. Yummy

3. The countryside.. so beautiful and the country literally backs right up to the city.. you don't need to go far to get to it.

4. My daughter's school... St Michael's Primary Whitefield.. what a great enviornment for learning.. small, friendly.. felt like a family.

5. People.. most of the people that I have met are genuinely lovely and welcoming, which means sooo much when you are a new comer. Especially my husband's family.. if they hadn't given me the support that they did.. I would never have stayed.

6. The English sense of humor.. I am told not so many Americans "get it" but apparantly I did.. I so loved the sarcasm

7.Being able to "blend in" when I wanted.. No one actually knew I was a foreigner until I opened my mouth to speak.

8. Christmas time.... The English have gotten this sooooo right... they actually treat it like a holiday season rather than just the obligatory day off from work. It stretches from somewhere around December 21st on through the 2nd or 3rd of January. They haven't forgotten that this is a family time which is so nice.

9. The National Health Service... Not perfect but still absolutely fabulous.. In my opinion it comepletely puts the American healthcare system to shame. I could go on and on but I'll save that for another post.

10. A nice hot cuppa... I never understood until I lived in England that tea could cure so many ailments... feeling down? have a cuppa, tired? relax and have a cuppa... happy? have a cuppato celebrate , something on your mind? have a cuppa and work on sorting it out, etc. Don't laugh until you have tried it.. it works.

Top 10 Things about living in America (no certain order)

1. My family ... need I say more?

2. My friends... These girlies have been there with me through thick and thin.. wouldn't trade them for the world.

3. The sense of familiarity... not something I can so much put my finger on but believe's there.

4. Driving on the left side of the road.. I am back in my element Thank God.. I found it terribly difficult to drive in England.

5. American washing machines and dryers!!!! Yayyyy

6. Philly Cheesteaks and Hoagies.. mmm I really missed them.

7. Hot summers.. and cold winters where it may be freezing cold outside but at least the sun is shining.

8. Not having to convert everything in my head constantly so it makes sense to me... such as: weather temps, money, measurements etc.

9. Dollar bills... pound coins are so

10. Halloween and Thanksgiving.. so missed those two holidays.
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